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About Us


While Sentia was incorporated January 1, 2009, it has been in existence since 1997 when the President, Kirk Jennings, began his career in software development. After close to two decades of progressively more involved development, Kirk came to the conclusion that software should be simple to use, hiding much of its complexity and not necessarily built around manual business processes. The goal of the software a business uses is to increase revenue and lower costs, not to model a process that might not be the best in the first place. To that end Sentia makes seemingly simple, certainly easy to use software that is designed to start at the beginning, by looking at the data inputs, and figure out the best way to get to the desired end. Rarely does this mean that we simply build a new application for your employees to type their data into. It means that we look to automate the process of data ingestion and processing, freeing your employees from typing at all.


All of Sentia's software is built on the Business Information Framework. This is the same framework that our internal and shrink wrapped software is built on, so we know it is solid. The benefit to you is that we have a solid, reliable code base to begin your project, putting us weeks or months ahead in the Software Development Life Cycle on the first day. We have a new application, the Object Relational Mapper. This application will look at a database and generate all the code necessary to create, read, update, delete and search data from any entites in the database. This will be accomplished by creating the stored procedures on the server to actually do the work, creating the data access layer to manipulate the database and give your new application database agnosticity, an industry standard best practice, then create the business objects layer based on your database entites, then create the graphical user interface with your company's look and feel. This application will put us months or even years down the road in development in just a few hours and with no more than a few mouse clicks. The apllication generated will be about 80% complete only needing a little housekeeping to pretty it up and whatever custom code you desire.

Additional Information

As an aside, Sentia is the Roman goddess of knowledge and understanding and who gave awareness to children. This dovetails nicely with one of our guiding principles, to turn data into information and ultimately knowledge.