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Quick Descriptions

Information Framework

The Object Relational Mapper

Code generation tools that literally build applications by themselves. That means you get results in minutes and save money. More about the ORM...

Information Framework

The Business Information Framework

Enterprise Libraries that incorporate best practices and are already done and waiting on you to show us what you need, saving you time and money by speeding development. More about the BIF...

Information Integrator

The Information Integrator

Everyone has tried to get some kind of data into their business database at one time or another, and it never seems to want to go. Information Integrator not only solves that problem but makes it easy. Easy isn't the end of it either. More about the II...

Business Analysis

Business Analysis

Software is not the end result or even the vehicle to make your business successful and profitable. Business Processes are. Sentia has almost two decades of experience analyzing, revising and improving business processes. More about the Business Analysis...

Database Development

Database Development

Database Development is the foundation that all other software is built on. It is also where Sentia excels. A Database is not simply where your information resides; it is the basis for your business and where most of your heavy lifting happens. More about Database development...

Business Logic

Business Logic Development

Translating your processes into a working Business Logic Layer is one of our specialties at Sentia. This is where the rubber meets the road and data becomes information and precipitates action. More about Business Logic Development...


Presentation Development

Whether on the desktop or the internet, the presentation layer is all your clients or users see. If it is busy or junky or things simply don't line up, you create the impression of incompetence. Again, we have years of experience designing and building the best in the industry. More about Presentation Development...



The applications that house your business processes have to have a place to run. We install and configure servers, networks, database servers email servers, web servers, file servers, clusters, server farms and about anything else you can think of. More about Infrastructure...



How do you know when you have found the right fit for your open position? How do you know you are getting the best value for your staffing dollar? We find young developers and train them to write software in the most efficient way possible. More about Staffing...

What we do

Sentia Systems is here for two reasons: to make you money and to make your life easier. That is all. I started in this business in 1997. The very first day on my new job then, the boss asked me for a critical piece of data. Showing me how to find this piece of data involved a notebook full of orders, a pencil and tally marks in a legal pad. I informed her then that she needed a database. I had never seen Windows before that day, but when I got to work the next morning, I had a computer, an office that locked and marching orders that basically said 'build me a database.' So I did. 15 months later I went to work for Microsoft and never looked back.

If you can explain what you do, or even what you want done, we can do it. Not only can we do it, we can automate it. The only thing I haven't been able to make my software do so far is pound pavement and shake hands. What makes us different is the fact that we do things according to best practices learned over long years of study and experience and the fact that we have several Enterprise Libraries built, just waiting on you. The benefit to you is that you get robust, scalable products, custom built for your business at off-the-shelf prices. Speaking of off-the-shelf, there are also several products either finished or nearing completion to automate complex tasks that are prone to errors when done by hand, if they can be done by hand at all. Some of our Enterprise Libraries even automate what we do, further saving you money. We also have consultants who specialize in networking and active directory, so you could literally bring us a statement of what you want your business to do, and we could build the whole thing from scratch, from designing and building the servers, network and software to "click here to check out."

Speaking of telling us what you do, communication is critical in this business. All our consultants are trained to listen, digest and then ask questions to ensure clarity. We use an Agile development methodology to make sure we get your new systems right. The benefit to you is that you don't pay for, or burden yourself with a ton of documentation about what 'the system shall do,' but rather a couple of photos, maybe some screen shots and delivered functionality every week or two, ready for user acceptance testing. Time and again, I have seen a system delivered that was not what the client wanted. We don't do that. We can't.

I have a hundred stories I could tell you about successes and failures and the reasons for them. Here is the bottom line: if you want to make more money and do less work, click on the 'register' link above or the 'consultation' link to the left and let one of our consultants take a look at your problem.

You won't be sorry.

M. Kirk Jennings
Sentia Systems, Inc.