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January 2017:

Sentia updates the Object Relational Mapper (ORM) tool that generates up to 80% of a new application in seconds, to include better null handling, better thread safety, and Dependency Injection to facilitate automated testing.

October 2016:

Sentia starts a new sister company Sentia Credit Union to automate all processes in a credit union except, of course, face to face interactions.

August 2016:

Sentia parters with Hello Dr. Ward to bring a new kind of health payment system to the Carribean through our sister company Sentia Health.

July 2016:

Sentia parters with the Office of the Constable, Coffee County Alabama to provide an automated online e-tickeing platform allowing them to look up and write warnings for offenders with no prior offenses.

May 2016:

Sentia parters with Epiphanee to bring electronic health records and telemedicine to India through our sister company Sentia Health.

January 2016:

Sentia spins off a sister company Sentia Medical Case Management, to automate the workers compensation industry.

September 2015:

Sentia Contracts with NightLife Mobile to design, build and host their new mobile application for Apple, Android and Windows mobile devices to help users find entertainment, events and night life in general and venue owners and managers to market directly to nightlife consumers. Sentia was selected becuase we could generate 80% of the code that would all be shared between platforms minimizing cost and development time.

May 2015:

Sentia is completely redisigning the CruiseNet Application for Jack Henry & Associates.

September 2014:

Sentia develops web applications for Bank of America, managing and tracking marketing opt outs and opt out history for its clients.

July 2014:

Sentia inks a deal with CHC Better Care in Asheboro to manage all their health and wellness initiatives and medical records with our Electronic Medical Records Management System (EMR). The EMR reads Lab results and proscribes patient education automatically and tracks progress toward a healthier lifestyle for their clients.

May 2014:

Sentia has been selected to present our unique perspective on technology to the North Carolina Technology Review, June 4-5 in Raleigh, hosted by the North Carolina Military Business Center.

May 2014:

Sentia rolls out the Object Relational Mapper 2014 that automatically generates code to search for related objects in the database. For instance if we have a Students table and a Classes table, code would automatically be generated to return a report detailing the students in a class and the classes a student has registered for.

March 2014:

Sentia partners with One Man's Junk to completely rebuild and upgrade their site to our standards giving them the scalability to grow and expand their business.

September 2013:

Sentia completes work on The Information Integrator 2013 giving the ability to join and find matched and unmatched records between disparate data sets to provide further flexibility of integration.

May 2013:

Sentia contracts with the State of South Carolina's Department of Education to build an accounting system for federal, state and local grants and expenditures.

January 2013:

Sentia joins Entelegent Telecommunications to Integrate their billing, accounting and account data.