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Dumb Consultants: "Deloitte, KPMG, Accenture fight to help clients use robotic process automation"

9/28/2016 9:39 AM

Here is the worst thing I've ever read: big consulting companies are automating processes with bots.  This was posted in the Australian Financial Review and written by Edmund Tadros.

So let me get this straight.  These huge consulting companies are going to come into a company, recommend that they spend millions, or tens of millions of dollars on complicated software packages and then spend millions more to write bots to use them.   Brilliant.  Brilliant that is if you are a consulting company.  You'll get the original markup on the software, the bill rate ($200 or more per hour) to install and configure it, $200 per hour to secure it (kind of), $200 per hour to copy and paste data in and out of it (forever) and then a couple of hunsky per hour to write these bots.  That is a little bit like buying an old Ford Tractor, a 1976 AMC Pacer and a filing cabinet and hiring a bunch of engineers to cobble them together into a machine that you can use to haul hay.

If you are going to spend tens of millions on applications (some hospitals spend hundreds of millions) why not write something that does everything you need to do from scratch and be done with it?  This eliminates the need for integration, it streamlines (and even makes possible) security, and will be far FAR less expensive.  Look, you are writing custom software anyway with these bots, so why not get rid of the complication, look at the inputs and the desired outputs and go from point A to point B in a straight line at a known, measured pace?

I've said for years that I could run Bank of America with 20% of the people they use.  That would eliminate 80% of the cost and either they could make 80% more profit or drop prices by 80% and put everyone else out of business.  Both those outcomes are desirable.

Here is what your consulting company needs to do: Build one application that does everything your company does, does it automatically and spits out a report at the end of the month detailing how much money you made.  We've done that with several businesses before.  Not one, not two.  Several.  Sure, there are times you don't want to reinvent the wheel.   If you have a machine that keeps its own database, internally, use that data.  Use it right where it sits, but use it as if it were native.  Don't import it.

Quit hiring the big consulting companies.  Their job is to bill hours and clean out your pockets.  If you need help, and you do, call someone who sees the big picture who will take your inputs and truly automate your processes so you get that report at the end of the month telling you how much you made.  Free your employees to think and innovate and become profit centers not cost centers.  If you see your software as a cost of doing business or a hurdle to be jumped or a necessary evil, you are looking at it the wrong way.  We will help you reduce costs, make more sales and make things faster, better and cheaper.  What we won't do is sell you unsecurable, prepackaged garbage that you don't need then add layers of complication that will cost outrageous amounts and end up breaking.

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